Get to know Colorado

The state of Colorado is 8th largest state of United States of America. The population of Colorado is around five and a half million people. The name of the state comes from a river Colorado, and it is surrounded by Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. The capital city of the state is Denver.


This is the state that has it all, from rivers and lakes to mountains and deserts, canyons and deep rock formations. Here you can choose from a variety of different options, and have a trip of your life.

Napa Valley of the Beer

From all of the possibilities here in Colorado, you can even enjoy in different varieties of beers, which is Colorado known for. Did you know that this state is called the Napa Valley of the Beer?


Breweries here produce a wide range of beer, using the best technology and recipes that are past through generations.  In Colorado are based four of the fifty best breweries in the nation.

Book a beer tour

When visiting Colorado, you can book a tour to many different breweries, and find out why our beer is one of the best in the State. Colorado is a place to go if the beer is your drink of choice. Here are located more than 200 breweries! Almost all tours are free, but you must be at least 21, which is a legal drinking boundary here in the US.

Top 4 breweries to visit

Being the epicenter of the beer industry, it is not easy to select few breweries to visit. But here you can look my top four, so call your friend and go for this exciting tour.


Avery Brewing – is popular tap room which serves 21 craft brews on tap, which is three times more than the average brewery. They always have something new on the market, and they are leaders in quality also. You can experience here a wide range of exotic taste beer, but for not so adventures people you can also choose a classic taste. You can book free tour every day, and any kind of beer is available for tasting.

Boulder Beer – or as they call it the first Colorado microbrewery. Here you can not only taste the best beer in Bolder but also order food from the expensive food menu. They offer 15 tap beers which are mostly Belgian ales, wheat, and porters. You can schedule free tour from Monday to Saturday.

Upslope Brewing – this brewery is not here for ages, like others. They first came on to the scene in 2008, but they are already on the top. And you can only get beer in aluminum cans, which they say is better for drinking and the environment. You can also have a free tour every day of the week.

Twisted Pine– can please every beer lover, from conservative one to more adventures. It includes a dozen of unpasteurized beers. It is something new in the market and has a more modern vibe, and also includes a restaurant. You can make a reservation any time of the week.